Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time is a Fire in Which We All Burn

There is much to talk about as there have been a number of news stories which haven't been prominently featured in the media that indicate we are rapidly losing the window where manned missions to anywhere, much less places like the Moon or Mars, are going to be seen as practical. (I would argue that this makes such things more imperative, but I simply don't have the time.)

I have been working on a number of things which will, hopefully, when they are completed, lay out an inarguable position that the time for us to begin our expansion into space is not only now, but that all other considerations must be considered to be of minor importance.

Regretfully, however, I find myself incredibly pressed for time, at the moment. I was fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship to college, and in order to keep it I must maintain a B average. Were I taking a bunch of "fluff" courses, it would be easy to go to school and continue to post updates regularly. As I'm an engineering major, I am having to slave through some rather difficult math and design courses. This makes it nearly impossible for me to do much of anything other than go to school, study, and work.

This raises a particular problem with the ADD nature of the Internet. If I'm not constantly posting something, then people quickly lose interest. Unfortunately, I can't yet turn this over to anyone else because I haven't fully articulated the position I'm advocating as of yet (and I've not seen anyone else expressing it to the degree that I feel it needs to be articulated). Waiting until I have the time to fully lay everything out runs the risk of my losing the ground I've gained to this point.

So, I have come up with what I hope will be an adequate solution. For some weeks now, I have been roughing out a manifesto of sorts in which I attempt to lay out exactly the reasons why I feel it is so imperative that we begin the effort to colonize Mars immediately. It is incredibly raw, just the thoughts that I have been able to put down using my iPod when I've had a few idle moments. There are, as of yet, no footnotes or citations, though when I'm able to polish it and shape it into a cohesive form, every claim will be extensively cited using reputable sources and not simply pointing to the claims of some tin foil hatted crank on the Internet. What I will be posting are merely excerpts from the rough draft of this work, they should be seen as a signpost pointing towards the direction I am aiming for and should not, in anyway, be mistaken for that final direction. Think of it as one looking over Darwin's shoulder while he was making notes on the Beagle and not reading his Origin of Species.

While I hope to be able to correct spelling mistakes and other minor errors before I make a post, I am certain that this will not always be the case and that some mistakes will slip through. Hopefully, however, there will be enough of a glimmer of what I'm driving at for people to comprehend my comments. If someone wishes to assist in the endeavour, then I am more than willing to discuss the matter with them.