Monday, July 23, 2012

RIP Astronaut Sally Ride

Astronaut Sally Ride today joined the ranks of the Fallen. Famous for being the first American woman in space, she passed away from pancreatic cancer. It angers me that she was never able to go beyond Earth orbit. That the opportunities for someone as bright as her essentially stopped at the upper atmosphere of Earth. Imagine if she could have had a "double first," not only as the first American woman in space, but also the first woman on the Moon or Mars. If we had had a space program run by visionaries, instead of being controlled by the muckeaters who think of space as a "hobby" and not realizing that it is the single most important endeavor that humanity has ever undertaken. When will we next set foot on the Moon? Will any of the Apollo astronauts still be alive to see it? Will any of the original shuttle astronauts? I don't know.


  1. These are the kind of people that should be the center of attention in the media. Show young ladies that there is more value to humankind when you are educated, driven, goal oriented, and productive. Unlike the Kardashians and all the rest of the worthless trash the media presents as people we should admire and look up to. RIP SALLY RIDE.

    1. I agree completely. We're looking at putting together a production company to do a web based "reality show" following scientists at NASA or other "big science" facility. No idea of when this might happen, as we're merely in the very early talking phases at this point. We'll keep folks posted as things progress.